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Kennedy Pools and Spas serves the Penn-York Greater Valley and surrounding areas of Athens, Sayre, Waverly and surrounding areas.

Pool and Spa Sale! We are unloading all 2015 models to bring in 2016 models.
Come in and check out the deals we are offering!

Store Location: 932 W. Lockhart St. Sayre, PA 18840 (Map & Directions)
Store Hours: Summer hours: 10:00AM--6:00PM Mon-Fri | Sat--10-4 | Sun 10-3pm

Winter Hours: 10:00AM--6:00PM Monday & Wednesday | Sat 10-4pm


We Carry: Viking Pools | Pocono Pools | Radiant Pools | Ovations Pools | Latham Liner & Safety Covers | Pentair | Steel Pools | Aluminum Pools